Dovetail Press is a publisher of specialist and niche market publications.

We are an entrepreneur, having started in 2012 and promote titles not usually listed by traditional publishers.

Our first publication “Waiting for the Rains” by author Roger James Barton, has had good reviews, with a radio interview and several book signings.

Roger had a successful book promotion in Ottawa, Canada and the book can be found on numerous sites such as Amazon and Blackwell.

Waiting for the Rains is a memoir of Africa. It is a first hand account of life in Malawi and Zambia in the 1970s and 1980s.

Independence wars in neighbouring Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), and Mozambique were part of life with roads mined, cities bombed, and military coups were as common as the excessive African heat, disease-carrying insects, and extreme weather.

It is a story of being close to local life without the insulation of tour buses or taxis.

A confrontation with the heat, jostling, noise, smells and colour of the country. The lives of expatriates and missionaries; bars and markets; travelling by bus and train; corruption and border crossings; villages and townships are all part of the story.




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