About The Author

Roger J BartonRoger started his career in the printing industry and trained as a compositor in a large company in the south of England. He specialized in book and technical magazine production at the cutting edge of technology and design. After a period in Canada, he was recruited in 1970 by the Overseas Aid Organization of the British Government for a post of Training Officer in the Printing and Stationery Dept., Zomba, Malawi. After six years, Roger worked for the same organization in Lusaka, Zambia, on the introduction of new technology. It was an opportunity to travel widely throughout much of southern Africa and see first-hand remote places far off the beaten track.

Many accounts of Africa are by correspondents flown in. They despatch reports and leave. The author was living there and saw life both in town and villages. It was a unique opportunity to experience life just after independence from the colonial regime while the new rulers were exerting their power.

Returning to England, Roger became a lecturer in Typography in Leeds.

He has also travelled throughout India and the Far East. This included a study scholarship in India for the Institute of Printing.

Waiting for the Rains was a long time in the making! However, this has the advantage of comparing Africa today with what has happened since the the 1970s.